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Avectra’s MemberFuse Creates Insights, Opportunities for Your Association

It’s hard to understate the impact of social networking on the way associations interact with their members. But if you’re using someone else’s social networking environment, you are forfeiting a host of benefits and opportunities to engage your members. Avectra’s MemberFuse offers you a way to establish your own private, safe, and secure social community and integrate that community with netFORUM. Because both MemberFuse and netFORUM are designed as elements of the Avectra Social CRM suite, they work together seamlessly. The two solutions mutually exchange data generating more meaningful member profiles and strategic socialytics.

Such robust data and socialytics give you a dynamic picture of where your members’ interests and preferences are – and where they’re headed. Not only is this a vital tool in building loyalty, raising engagement, and enhancing retention, it also gives you new opportunities to generate revenue. With easy access to insights about who your members are and where their interests lie, you can hone your messaging, fundraising, and marketing campaigns to achieve the highest possible return on investment. By leveraging the data you gain from MemberFuse, you can generate profiles of groups of members who would most likely be interested in hearing about specific events, products, and services. And when your members are on your own social network, you can even create new revenue opportunities by generating and marketing tightly targeted and valuable advertising opportunities.

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