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Avectra Social CRM – A Complete Answer to New Challenges

We live in a world where the nature of both our social and business interactions are undergoing revolutionary change. Years ago the rise of the Internet disrupted the way businesses around the world conducted themselves. More recently, the eruption and continued explosive growth of social networking has forced associations to rethink how they evaluate member expectations and manage member communications, conduct prospecting and fundraising, and impacted nearly every aspect of how to effectively serve their membership and achieve their business goals.

The effort to smoothly integrate the new social network world into your membership and business strategies is on. It presents the potential to revolutionize how you work and to allow you to build new, robust and very personal levels of loyalty and engagement with each and every member of your association – but only if you find ways to do it right.

Avectra Social CRM for Associations is the tool you need to do it right. Social CRM is an invaluable suite of tools for any association that recognizes both the opportunities and challenges in the world of social networking. Social CRM integrates industry-leading applications into one complete solution. Built around category leader netFORUM, Social CRM also includes MemberFuse Community, Social Console, A-Score, and Socialytics. With Social CRM you can better run your business, provide a highly engaging experience for your members, conduct optimal two-way communications, gain critical insights into how to maximize your fundraising efforts, and gain both invaluable business and membership insights – and the power to act on them effectively.

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