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Avectra Social CRM Suite Helps Member-based Associations Manage Member Lifecycles

Technology continues to create disruption and opportunity in all kinds of organizations and enterprises across the business spectrum – and membership-based associations are certainly no exception. The rise of online social network platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others have fundamentally changed the game for associations.

Your members – like everyone else – are out there enjoying this brave new online social world. Which means you have new opportunities to not only learn about your members, but also to interact and enrich your relationships with them. At the same time, they have new ways of being public with their opinions about your organization, or your upcoming event, or the way you conducted your last fundraiser. They have new, powerful ways of sharing these opinions with their friends – some of whom are other members of your association, and others may be some your best prospective recruits. You’ve surely realized by now that simply establishing a Facebook page or tweeting out news on Twitter is not really adequate.

Avectra Social CRM moves beyond traditional CRM tools to help associations make the most of these emerging opportunities. Organizations need to develop ways to understand how to strategically and thoughtfully gather and analyze social network data, and then how to transform that data and analysis into action they can efficiently and consistently execute.

Traditional CRM tools have proved invaluable in automating the capture and automated application of customer data for traditional companies and even some associations.  But a traditional CRM wasn’t built with member-based associations and the new, emerging world of social networking in mind. The Avectra Social CRM Suite furnishes you the right tools to support smart tactics. And when you combine solid tools with a member-driven philosophy, you can more accurately identify what members want and need and more effectively enhance engagement and maximize retention, development, satisfaction, recruitment, and loyalty.

For instance, let’s take a look at membership lifecycle management. After members were recruited, a traditional CRM software solution might help orchestrate efforts to retain them, market to them, and schedule routine interactions. From a traditional customer relationship management standpoint, it was these kinds of straightforward methods and transaction-based metrics were enough to succeed. But the socially networked world is no longer so linear or simple to manage. You need a way to know what a member is saying about you on Twitter, how active she is on your Facebook page and what kinds of things she’s saying there, and how to present engagement opportunities to her that align with her interests.

And that’s what Avectra Social CRM Suite can do. It revolutionizes both the methods and the quality of the data you harvest and then the accuracy and speed with which you can analyze and act on that social data. While in the past, you might never have noticed threats to retention or failed to recognize ways to maximize engagement, you now can have more meaningful exchanges with your members in a greater variety of places – so you can deal with that threat or enhance that engagement right away. And you can do all of this in the social network where they’re already comfortable while building invaluable conversations that will endure and flourish throughout your customer’s entire lifecycle.

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