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Can Avectra Help Me Consolidate All The Software Functions We Have In Our Organization?

“Can Avectra help me consolidate all the software functions we have in our organization?” is a question we hear quite a bit from Executive Directors.  They’ve been assessing the organization, trying to make strategic moves to revitalize the association and more proactively respond to the needs and desires of the memberships.

It’s usually at this point, when Executive Directors are trying to get a holistic view of the association and coming up short  (due to the various systems assigned to a particular process or function) with no way to tie all the information together – they realize what a mess their information systems are in.

The various pieces probably sound familiar:  online shopping cart, event registration, member management system, to name just a few.

Typically these tools and platforms are scattered all over the association.  Some are Access databases.  Some are stand-alone software programs.  There might be dozens and dozens of spreadsheets throughout the organization that are being updated manually.  None of which is integrated.  All of which is difficult to assemble and access.  Some of the solutions or repositories are unsupported and undocumented, and often there’s only one person who knows how to get the information.

It’s chaotic and ineffective.  It’s also a huge time drain – time that could be better spent recruiting, developing volunteers, strengthening relationships with existing member, etc.

Implementing an integrated solution like Avectra solves the problem.  It brings a common platform, integrated system to store your information.  It provides dashboards for easy, real time viewing of critical association information.  It’s easy to use for association employees as well as association members.  It relieves much of the duplicate re-keying of data from one system to another.

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