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Can the AMS handle membership dues and more and provide optimal security?

Most associations want the ability for members to pay for their membership and register for events online.  But there are other transactions that you’ll want to be able to handle through your association management system (AMS), for example professional development materials and association merchandise available to your members.

Paying for membership purchases and event registration online is pretty standard with all online association management systems (AMS).  But be sure to explore whether the system can present the purchase in a member-friendly manner.

We especially like the way Avectra netFORUM handles purchases and registrations.  For example, if your association has multiple membership types with each type having a different membership fee, based on their profile, the system can be set up to present only their fee when members go to renew.  This can go along way in eliminating confusion and members selecting the wrong renewal fee.

Conversely, if you’d like to highlight the discount that members enjoy, the system can be set up to show both member and non-member prices.

With Avectra you can:

  • Establish automatic pricing structures based on member status
  • Create and track invoices, and process payments from individuals and organizations
  • Validate and charge credit cards electronically at point-of-sale
  • Store credit card authorization codes, not credit card numbers, to limit your liability

Additionally, all of these processes can be easily exported to your accounting system.  Not only can you track all of the purchases and set prices, you can quickly tie all the purchases to individual member records.

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