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Creating a Better Member Experience

Knowledge is power but real power comes from having the information you need when you need it.

It’s hard to engage with members when you’ve got one hand tied behind your back in the form of not having critical data available to you when speaking with members.

If you find that your most regular response to member inquiries is “Let me do some digging and get back to you on that” – it’s a missed opportunity.  Scrambling to find data doesn’t contribute to a strong interaction.

One of the greatest benefits of Avectra association management tools is the ability to have all member data at your fingertips.

Let’s say that you get a call from a member who is uncertain whether their order for a book went through on your eCommerce system.  In addition, they noted on their event registration that they would be happy to volunteer but hadn’t heard from anyone yet.  And, while they have you on the phone, they’d like to know if you could recommend someone for them to talk to in order to decide if one of the association benefits would make sense for them to purchase.

If your events are handled through one system and your member database is on another system and you can’t access the data relevant to the eCommerce system – you’ve got to scramble to address their questions.  And, chances are, you’ve just entered into several days of telephone tag simply to get your member the needed information.

With Avectra cloud-based solutions, you have all the information you need to quickly respond to member inquiries.  Your quick response not only provides a better member experience, it gives you an opportunity to spend time building the relationship.  With their questions answered, you can take a few moments to ask what is most valuable to them with regards to their membership; what’s been the most challenging aspect of their experience; what could improve the experience.

These are the crucial conversations.  These are the interactions that are often lost when we spend more time tracking down data than actually sharing the data.

Today, the advances in technology have finally made using technology easier.  With tools like Avectra you can finally say goodbye to the mad scramble for information and spend your time delighting your members.

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