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Does Your Association’s Social Network Platform Make Intelligent Recommendations for Members?

Avectra’s MemberFuse offers you and your members more than just an alternative to other social networking platforms. While it offers a wealth of social networking and community building features, its core infrastructure was created on a User Centric Architecture (UCA), enabling your members to customize their experience with easy, robust semantic searches.

One of the primary principles of successfully engaging members of any social community is making sure members can easily find and conveniently track the kind of information they care most about. MemberFuse’s UCA offers your members a number of intuitive, easy ways to do just that.

MemberFuse features are designed to simultaneously take into account the rich data included in your netFORUM association database, the expressed interests of each user, and the aggregate of activities conducted in the community. By considering all this data, MemberFuse offers an experience tailored on-demand to suit each individual user’s interests. In practice, this means that MemberFuse can make intelligent suggestions – for instance about who a member might like to add to their contact list based on mutual interests or what events or upcoming activities they might want to add to their calendar based on their activities.

So, while MemberFuse delivers all the advantages of hosting your own, in-house social network platform, it also gives your users powerful and easy ways to engage with your association and each other.

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