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Every Association’s Nightmare

This morning I noticed a friend of mine had posted the following on Facebook:

“Is it worth renewing my ________ membership?  Any other _______ members – let me know what value do you get from it these days?”

My friend operates his own business and the association he was talking about was a large, very well known association.

Besides my comment to him of “I’ll be very interested in what feedback you get” –there hasn’t been any activity in his status post.  Chances are, unless he’s gets some compelling feedback, he probably won’t renew.

As a member contemplates renewal, is your association connected enough with the member to swoop in and make the case for your value proposition?  Are they turning outside of the association to their communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to assist with their decision?

Avectra Social CRM tools can help you strengthen member relationships and seal the leak of revenue that comes from members choosing not to renew.

These tools not only help you to better communicate with your members and showcase your benefits, they allow other members to communicate with one another about the value of your association.  That 3rd party endorsement (member influencing member) is a powerful complement to the efforts of your internal team.

There are many things competing for the time and money of both your current and prospective members.  If you’ve been seeing a downward trend in renewal and recruitment, it might be time to try something new.  Avectra association tools make it easy for you to provide the information members are looking for, quickly answer questions, and allow for the membership at large to help you promote the good work you do and valuable benefits you offer.

We’d be happy to answer your questions on how these solutions might work for your association.

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