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How Technology Can Strengthen Your Organization

On a recent online presentation, Avectra’s Mark Yohai shared the following statistics from a recent ASAE survey; among associations with budgets greater than $4 million, the average spend for printing was 4%, the average spend for meals at events and meetings was 3%.  Any guesses as to what percent of budget is being spent on technology?  A very anemic 1.6% is currently being spent on technology.

Most associations view other associations as their competition for member recruitment and engagement.  Associations were the original social networks – long before Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and long before the Internet.  However, these Social Media companies are investing a lot in technology.  And they may be among your association’s fiercest competitors when it comes to engaging members.

With Avectra you can:

  • Position your association as the leading resource for information that your member cannot find anywhere else.
  • Incorporate the social interactions of your members directly within your membership database alongside their profiles, membership history, event participation, and transactions.
  • Leverage this 360 degree view to automate business processes focused on delivering increased membership value and engagement – one member at a time.

The presentation begins with what a member sees within Avectra using the example of getting information on and registering for an upcoming event.  All of the data is from the member’s perspective – where level of membership might impact pricing, for example.  It also gives each member the opportunity to register as an individual or to register a group.  It can also gather member-specific, specialized demographics; any thing from diet requirements to T-shirt size.  When it takes them to the check out, it offers them the opportunity to post their participation to social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) as well as the member site.

There are numerous other options that can be made visible to the member at this point including private groups, which connect them to the event or an event committee.  And, they have the opportunity to connect with other members who have also registered for the event.

The presentation then switches to the perspective of the association using Avectra and shows how the solution allows you to easily set up the options, forms and information that members will need in order to make a decision and register for an event.

Some of the questions that were asked at the end of the presentation included:

Q: Can Avectra MemberFUSE handle varying dues amounts, for example, dues that are based on the member company’s revenues?

A: Yes.

Q:  Is MemberFUSE difficult to set up?

A:  No, but you will want to approach your set up and launch strategically.  Avectra recommends working with a solution provider like AffinityNFP.

Q:  If a member doesn’t want to be visible on the platform, can they control that?

A:  They can be visible to nobody, visible to contacts only, or visible to everybody.  It’s a status they can control within their profile.

Q:  Does MemberFUSE store credit card numbers?

A:  No.  We work with 3rd party systems that specialize in payment.  You will have a reference number within MemberFUSE for the transaction, but you will not have the liability of stored credit cards within your system.

Q:  What if you want to move to MemberFUSE but have data in multiple systems?

A:  That’s where the Avectra solution providers come in.  AffinityNFP can assist you and help you to determine your readiness to adopt and data migration strategies.

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