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MemberFuse Member Dashboards Make A Better Social Networking Alternative

Avectra’s MemberFuse allows you and your community to take charge of the way they experience your association online. While social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can sometimes feel dangerously unpredictable, MemberFuse can help you help manage the conversation and set the topics and the tone. You can customize the look and feel of the site, branding it and including your logo. You can make features, documents, and other resources accessible to whomever you like by managing access site-wise by user category (such as member, guest, or public) or for individuals.

Of course, your members take an active part in making your MemberFuse network engaging by creating, sharing, and accessing data. The first thing association members see upon logging in is their own personalized MemberFuse Member Dashboard. The Member Dashboard presents an easily navigable amalgamation of news the user has expressed interest in and information about the community as a whole. Further, MemberFuse can offer users suggestions of more content and other members they may wish to learn more about based on their activities. With their Member Dashboard, users can also create their own polls, post their activities or documents, monitor conversations, subscribe to RSS feeds, and manage their calendar, contacts, and messages.

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