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Should your Association Customize or Configure Software – A Real Difference

You know your organization and its unique business processes better than anyone, and you know that it is exceedingly rare, if not impossible, to find a powerful and broad ranging software product – such as an Association Management System – that will operate “out-of-the-box” just the way your organization does.

Whatever solution you settle on will require, at the least, some tweaks and adjustments to enable you to access and exploit all of the functionality potentially available. But there’s a real and crucial distinction between some tweaks and hardcore customization. In selecting software, it’s critical that you work with your solution provider to understand which of those will be required to make the software operate as well as you want it to.

The difference can be summed up this way – will it need to be configured, or will it need to be customized? While these words are sometimes used almost interchangeably in the software industry, they don’t really mean the same thing at all. Configuration means that you can change the way the software works for you within the software itself. Customization, on the other hand, requires someone to get under the hood and start writing and re-writing actual code – and such changes are not only expensive but often create headaches when the software is upgraded.

Fortunately, netFORUM Pro is specifically designed to allow it to operate in most business environments and to be tailored to fit many different business processes with nothing more than configuration. AffinityNFP is here to help you find the best ways to configure netFORUM Pro to work seamlessly with your organization and within your existing software environment.  Many associations are seeing the power that comes from having their Avectra solutions integrated other software solutions, for example accounting. And even in the rare event customization may be needed, we will also keep the changes as minimal, efficient, and as trouble-free as possible.

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