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The Power of MemberFuse Collaborative Groups

Among the keys to the success of any online social network community are members that are actively engaged and creative. One of the many ways Avectra’s MemberFuse enables you to create a rewarding and productive environment for your association is through the creation of collaborative groups

MemberFuse enables the creation of collaborative groups for members serving on committees, task forces, special interest groups, and communities of practice. For instance, you might create a secure group for your Board of Directors, or you might allow users working together on an event to create their own group to share progress and organize their efforts. Within these groups, members find a place to work with each other on topics relevant to their mission. They can upload and share resources such as links, whitepapers, flyers, notes, and presentations. Groups can also host discussions, field polls, and even create live collaborative wiki documents that log critical data about editors, comments, and versions.

Depending on how you choose to configure MemberFuse, groups can be formed and function in a variety of ways. You can allow users to create their own groups, or you can allow only admin created groups, or both. You can also choose to have any or all groups moderated by admins, moderated by users, or not moderated by any one.

Of course, since MemberFuse is yours, you have the advantage of using powerful analytics and reporting tools to monitor activity in your groups and throughout your entire network. These tools reveal not only what groups have the highest membership and engagement, but the size of your community, how often members log in, what content is currently important to members, and what discussion topics are active. And with such information, you can tailor your recruitment, education, and other programs to further enhance both engagement and loyalty.

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