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We’ve recently redesigned our website. Will the AMS pages fit with the look and feel?

Combining AMS and your website

Taking a step back, if you haven’t redesigned your website but are thinking about it, consider investigating the Association Management System (AMS) at the same time.  It’s important that the online experience of your members is frustration-free and easy to navigate.

Also, by treating the AMS implementation and website changes at the same time, you will buy yourself precious time down the line because you will not have to reverse engineer the technical aspects of coordinating the two platforms.

Avectra can serve as both the website and the AMS.  This approach means that every aspect of the communication between your website and AMS is built into the system.

Integrating AMS and your website

However, if you’ve already made the move, make sure that the AMS will integrate smoothly with the style of your website.   Ask the AMS solution provider what types of templates, widgets and tools are available to you to access information and provide the online forms that members will need to act from your website.

Avectra provides functional e-Marketing and Web design templates to match your website branding (colours, fonts, and layouts).

It is also possible for members to view and edit their member profiles from the web.  This ensures that you have the most accurate and up-to-date member data.

You may grant specific, member-based permissions that make available resources, discussions and other information of interest to the member according to their membership and profile setting.  This could include directories, compensation studies, exclusive events, or whatever you wish to make available.

Integration between your website and AMS means putting more control in the hands of your members.  Easy, online member self-service meets the expectations of your members while saving your staff time.

Vanity URLs from AMS

The acronym URL stands for uniform resource locator.  It is the web address of a specific platform or resource.  Every time you create a new web page or a blog posting, a new, unique URL is created.  When you create an online registration form, a URL is created.

Sometimes the URLs are pretty straightforward and easy to understand.  For example, Twitter.com will take you to the Twitter home page, affinityNFP.com will take you to our company website.  Other times, the URL generated is a long string of alpha-numeric characters that are not easily identifiable or have taken your member to another online site.

The ability to create a vanity URL means you can name a page, form or post with an easily understandable URL.  When working between an AMS and your website, there are URLs that will be created that won’t match your website domain.

For instance, let’s say that you have created a registration form for an upcoming event.  The URL for that registration form may include the name of the tool used to create the form and a long string of meaningless characters:


Avectra will allow you to map that ID to a vanity URL so that the member sees a URL that is more easily understandable:


It will appear to the member that they have never left your site and that they are in the right place to register.

Your members’ online experience is easier and preferable when the integration happens in the background and from the user vantage point appears to be taking place all within the association’s website.

If there is no integration between your AMS and your website, member navigation can be confusing and contrary to the experience you want to deliver.

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