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We need to manage multiple membership types and fee structures. Can the AMS handle this without a lot of manual work on our part?

Multiple Membership Types and Fees

Given the diversity of associations and the people they serve, membership types and fee structures are anything but one size fits all.

One association may have a simple three-tier membership structure such as Regular, Student, and Senior membership types, each with a specific membership fee.  Other associations have memberships categories of Individual and Organization, with several subcategories beneath them and different fees for each subcategory.

In other cases, membership types may be uniform, but membership fees are formula-based.  For example, an association of automobile dealerships might structure fees based on the number of vehicles sold; or an association serving online media organizations might structure fees based on the number of online impressions.

The Association Management System (AMS) you choose for your organization should have the ability to handle the complexities involved with multiple membership types and membership fee structures.  You do not want to waste time either manually searching for member type or calculating the correct fee for a particular member.  The system should handle this for you.

Member-facing Information

We’re often asked about Avectra’s ability to accurately calculate the fees, for membership or renewal, based on the individual member’s profile.  Avectra is able to handle this automatically, freeing staff from time-consuming manual calculations and reducing the margin for error.

Members going online to handle transactions, such as renewals or event registration, will only see the memberships and fees for which they are eligible, based on their membership type.  The system makes the selection based on their profile and only presents the options open to the particular member.  This eliminates confusion as to which option or fee the member should select and members will not see the fees for other registration or renewal types.

Maintaining Member History

The AMS should also make life easier for association staff by providing access to all member information and history in one place.  You don’t want to be scrambling when searching for information to respond to member or management queries.

With the AMS serving as the sole repository of information, you’ll be able to research and analyze trends and data regarding:

  • Length of memberships
  • Types of members
  • Events
  • Online community involvement
  • Committees
  • Recruitment
  • Renewals
  • Volunteers

Immediate access to information means the ability to launch new initiatives faster, respond to inquiries quicker, and thoroughly research strategies and trends.

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