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What Associations Should Know About Disaster Recovery

In a previous blog entry – Do I Need to Worry about Security with a Cloud-based Solution? – we explored why you’d be hard pressed to find better security than that provided by cloud-computing publishers’ data centers. They are able to furnish the most robust security money can buy because economies of scale allow them to distribute the cost of that security across their entire customer base.

While your organization already has back-up solutions and continuity plans should a disaster disrupt your IT systems – cloud-based vendors use those same economies of scale as they do with security to assure you that your system will enjoy some of the most robust and sophisticated disaster recovery services available anywhere. And the importance of making your backup and continuity as bulletproof as possible can’t be overstated – according to widely cited studies, about 40% of enterprises that experience a disaster go out of business within five years.

Your membership database is your lifeblood.  Critical member contact information, as well as history and individual notes collected over the years would be a devastating loss.

Solutions from Avectra – such as netFORUM – run in a secure, world-class hosting facility with system redundancy, fail-safe power systems, and full database backups – measures that ordinary individual enterprises just can’t match.. For instance, Avectra maintains a “triple redundant disaster recovery” system.

The “triple redundancy” system is built like this:

  • The primary network.
  • A secondary network available and online in the data center exactly mirroring all data and systems in real time.
  • A third system in a data facility geographically remote from the main corporate data center that also maintains exact copies of all data and systems on the entire primary network.

And there’s one more convenience afforded by adopting a cloud-based solution. Even during relatively common and minor disturbances – power failures, for instance – Avectra solutions are still available to anyone remotely with an Internet connection and a PC.

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